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CREAM: Moisturizing Anti-ageing Rose Cream 30g


CREAM: Brilliant Eyes Cream

DRINK: Collagen plus - Royal Jelly with Multivitamin Drink (100 ml x 10 bottles)

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一女多男H 一女多男H ,小说 成人 小说 成人 ,骚美女 骚美女

Quick Overview

> Japanese collagen royal jelly multivitamin drink – an anti-ageing and beauty supplement drink.
> A pleasant tasting drink for all men and women which helps maintain healthy joints, hair, skin, nails and immunity.
> Young athletes can improve performance and not feel tired with this drink.

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Collagen is a natural protein component, the main building block of cells, tissues and organs. Collagen, keratin and elastin give the skin its strength, elasticity and structure. The combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid gives healthy joints and moisturized skin. Japanese collagen is odorless and easy to dissolve in liquid so that you can put it in your drinks such as coffee, tea and soup. The collagen can be available in many forms such as powder, food, liquid, creams, etc.

Japanese collagen royal jelly with multivitamin drink is an anti-aging & beauty supplement drink. It contains Hyaluronic acid, Placenta for beauty management. The combination of Placenta, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamins rejuvenates your skin from inside. Made in Japan - liquid collagen royal jelly with multivitamin drinks are made for both men and women. Even though it contains fish collagen, there is no fishy smell. Nowadays men and women want to look younger and most of the people say that while using collagen drink they feel fresh throughout the day and they look younger than they are. Nizona specializes in ‘Your Brand’ Made in Japan Collagen Royal Jelly with Multivitamin Drink (with active ingredients) 1) Fish Collagen 2) Royal Jelly Extract 3) Placenta Extract.

  • It is an anti-aging & beauty supplement drink
  • This drink is pleasant in taste and helps maintain healthy joints, hair, skin, nails and immunity
  • Natural skin care & anti-aging
  • It is an excellent product for those with a sedentary lifestyle who may suffer from repetitive joint pain or discomfort.

Fish Collagen, Royal Jelly Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Ceramide, Placenta Extract, Glucose, Citric Acid, Flavor (mango juice), Pure Water.

1 retail pack = 100 ml x 10 bottles
1 carton = 5 retail packs (i.e. 5 packs x 10 = 50 bottles)

Retail Pack Size: W224 x D92 x H131 mm
Inner Carton Size: L468 x D236 x H138 mm

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1. Collagen Peptide (derived from fish)
  • Supports diminishing wrinkles, dark spots, and sallow, loose skin. Increases skin regeneration
  • Maintains Skin Consistency
  • Maintains Skin health and youthful tone
  • Alleviates psoriasis and other dermatological conditions. Boosts activity of white blood cells localized within the skin; good for immunity.

2. Royal Jelly Extract
  • Boosts Immune System and Counters Allergic Reactions
  • Contains Beneficial Probiotics
  • Improves Collagen Levels for Great Skin

3. Hyaluronic Acid
  • Hyaluronic acid is a major moisturizing agent
  • Maintains moisture within the dermal layer
  • Slows wrinkles due to aging
  • Maintains skin consistency
  • Prevents dry skin and enhances recovery from environmental conditions

4. Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it naturally helps to strengthen your skin and repel things that could damage it
  • Vitamin C has also been found to help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.

  • For all Men and Women wanting to have supplements to provide the body with the nutrients required to help maintain joint mobility and a healthy lifestyle
  • For all Men and Women wanting to have a younger-looking skin
  • For those who want to keep moisturized skin
  • For those who feel tired and want to improve performance in young athletes.
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Additional Information

Item Code HBFS00022YAG
Material / Ingredients  Fish Collagen 1,000mg, Royal Jelly Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Ceramide, Placenta Extract, Glucose, Citric Acid, Flavor (mango juice), Pure Water.
Supplements/Nutritional facts Serving Size: 1 bottle (100ml) Energy 35kcal Protein 1g Fat 0g Carbohydrates 7.6g Sodium 7mg Vitamin C 50mg Vitamin B2 1mg Vitamin B6 1mg
Age group Adult, Children
Item color Available on Request
Item Usage > Take one bottle per day, as a skincare drink supplement with collagen blended
> Daily intake
> Shake well before drinking.
Suggested intake One bottle per day
Units per carton 5 retail packs (i.e. 5 packs x 10 = 50 bottles)
Inner Carton Size (L mm x W mm x H mm) L468 x D236 x H138 mm
Packaging Materials Bottle
Quantity per unit /e.g. ml, gram 100ml
Retail Pack Size /e.g. L mm x D mm x H mm W224 x D92 x H131 mm

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Product Questions

Do you have clinical tests of safety in your products?
Yes, each product is tested in accredited in-house or third-party laboratories and the respective certificate of analysis is issued in consequence.
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Can we supply drinks in liquid bulk to fill and pack in other country?
No. There are several reasons for this. Our products are made under strict manufacturing conditions, which in most cases require ‘pharmaceutical level’ processes (Japan GMP). Therefore, the manufacturing line must be able to fully assure certain –high- level of hygiene and safety in the product. Whenever the product cannot be finished following the entire GMP process, we are not able to guarantee the product and therefore, it is very difficult for us to supply the product to customers in bulk for local filling and packing. We moreover assume that ‘bulk’ means sending the liquid in industrial tanks in commercial containers. Containers sent by ship undergo many changes in terms of transportation and changes in temperature, which make very difficult to assure the safety of the product at the time of arrival to the customer’s packing factory. In other words, liquid products are much more prone to bacterial contamination than products in solid form (such as powders, tablets, etc.). As mentioned throughout this brochure, safety is our Number One concern. And therefore, any situation that would affect this primary concern is to be avoided by us.
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What is the reason why we can see particles inside the drink? Why is that we can see particles in the bottom of the bottle after drinking?
This is a very normal fact in almost all of nutritional drinks. In fact, almost all labels in Japan include some regarding sedimentation due to the use of natural ingredients. Hence, the usual suggestion of shaking the bottle prior to drinking. In more detail, many of our products include natural extracts and/or fruit juices which are further dried into powder for industrial application. As a result, some minor remains of seed and skin of the fruit precipitate when the powder is mixed into liquid. Additionally, whenever collagen peptide is used in our drinks, note that collagen peptide is physically a white powder. In many of our products we include a generous amount of collagen in order to offer a competitive advantage in the product and high efficacy in the product. Additionally to collagen peptide there are many other ingredients regularly used in the industry whose raw materials also physically look like powder and extracts forms. All these ingredients are mixed in the product to give it a health boost and high efficacy. This kind of mixing requires high level of know how to achieve liquidity, solubility, consistency, efficacy, quality, long expiration date, and an enjoyable taste all at the same time. As a result, sedimentation occurs in all nutritional drinks almost without exception. At all times, there’s no safety or quality concern whatsoever as proven by quality inspections prior to shipment and laboratory analysis always available upon request.
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Why does the color of the collagen drink become darker (more brown) with the time?
This is a natural reaction called the “Maillard Reaction” or “browning reaction”. The reason for this natural reaction is due the usual mix between collagen peptide and the sugars included in the collagen drinks. Collagen peptide includes amino-acids that, when mixed with sugars, produce a reaction that turns the liquid into brown. This phenomenon happens frequently in collagen based drinks with high concentration of collagen peptide. There is no quality issue in this case and the product safety and efficacy remains unchanged. Although usually this is no problem because of the color of the bottle, in case you would like to avoid this change in color, we may be able to reduce the occurrence of the Maillard reaction by either reducing the amount of collagen peptide or utilizing synthetic sweeteners instead of syrup as a sweetener.
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Whenever you use flavors in your products, are they natural?
Flavors are one type of food additives. “Flavoring” is a term used for general labeling text purposes and in initial discussions. Because we handle so many products in so many different forms, using so many different formulations, it is difficult to give one single answer without knowing the specific product in question. However, in general we may say that when it comes to drinks, fruit extracts in addition to natural sweeteners or pure honey or stevia may be used to determine the desired taste. The fine details of the components at a technical level however can only be disclosed once discussions are concrete and a base formulation has been agreed upon. Moreover, please note that in general, the specifications cannot be fully confirmed until laboratory trials are complete because the flavors and other excipients will largely depend on the specific formulation in question. Finally, please understand that achieving an enjoyable flavor while not adding calories AND masking the traces of ingredients such as collagen etc. is a very complex technical process that requires extensive know-how. Labs are protective of such trade secrets at initial stages. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare carries a list of natural flavorings in its website.
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Do you use conservatives? Can you make my product without conservatives?
Conservatives are also an essential part of the family of so called ‘food additives’. Conservatives as food additives have been used since ancient times to assure the survival of people: Without being able to conserve food, people would have died during winter or during times when harvested food was not available in the old days. Hence, conserving food through salt or vinegar, were the first examples of food additives used as conservatives. Today, we use conservatives depending on the product. Dry products (tablets, powders, etc.) regularly have no preservatives, but those products such as liquid drinks etc. usually include preservatives to allow a longer shelf life. We can make drinks without preservatives. However, in that case, the usual expiration date of 3 years is reduced to 18 months or maybe less depending on your product specification.
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